BCM 8000 Multimedia System 

BCM 8000 Multimedia systemBCM’s latest system, the BCM 8000 Multimedia takes music to an entirely new level! With the BCM 8000 Multimedia not only will you experience the latest music but you will also enjoy video clips, digital signage capabilities, a DJ module as well as online downloading from our digital music archive. Display your own pictures, videos, text scroller and real-time RSS & Twitter feeds on your TV displays!

“With the new BCM 8000 Multimedia System you get the most advanced multimedia system available to your venue”


BCM 8000 Multimedia

The BCM 8000 Multimedia adds something special to your venue. With unprecedented ease you control music, video clips, playlists and song requests. Perfectly tailored to your style and venue. Communicating with your customers has never been easier. Your TV displays show your own promotional material like pictures, videos and text. You can choose to display your own selection of real-time news feeds like world news, local news, weather, sports or Twitter. Every moment of the day you have complete control over the information on your TV displays all from one easy-to-use program scheduler.


Via the Internet you get access to all available songs in our digital music archive. Our music servers are constantly updated with the latest music. Every day you can download new and exciting songs from our digital music archive. All the music you need in one easy system!

More rooms, more music?

Our multiroom system, which supplies up to 4 zones with their own music feed, is the answer! With the BCM multiroom system you have the music ambiance you need for every room. The multiroom systems are available with multiple touchscreen configurations and combine ease of use, durability, and continuity with impeccable sound quality.

Quality And Continuity

Can you afford disruptions in your music? Bad sound quality? You’ll never have to worry about that with the BCM 8000 Multimedia System. The hardware craftsmanship and the robust software keep your system running even under extreme conditions.

Durable Investment

The BCM 8000 Multimedia System is a durable investment. Only high-quality components are used in combination with studio quality audio hardware. The housing provides a solid platform for the system. The industrial grade touchscreen is very reliable, even in a moist environment. Every system is hand build and extensively tested.


BCM Music Systems is the partner that gives you the edge. We have been a reliable music partner for over three decades. Together we’ll get the maximum performance from your BCM 8000 Multimedia System for your venue.

Music & Video Clip Subscription

Add a new dimension to your venue! The visual spectacle enhances the customer experience. Music & video clips are perfectly tuned to each other so you can combine them in the same playlist. When you’re not playing a video clip the system automatically switches to your promotional videos and pictures. It has never been easier to communicate your message to your customers! Text and news scollers can always be running, even during video clip playback.

Specifications BCM 8000 Multimedia

BCM 8000 Skins- 1 zone system with pre-listening
- All main functionality in 1 screen
- Lots of colorful skins included
- Touchscreen interface
- Volume control
- Easy to use music categories
- Unlimited amount of user lists (with personal security codes)
- Automatic intelligent cross fade
- Extensive week/year programming scheduler
- Super fast DJ mode
- Extensive music & video clip search function
- Statistics – most played songs, most played categories, number of songs per category etc.
- Squeeze in song requests very easily
- DirectPlay – start playback immediately from the play- or search list
- Sound effects categorized by type
- Use your own texts, pictures and audio & video promos in the programmable multimedia promo module
- Programmable text scroller for your own messages with over 250 icons to support your message
- Programmable news scroller – world news, local news, weather, sports and Twitter news
- Security – all main functions can be locked with a security code
- Intelligent online music update
- Weekly updated music charts
- System top 100 – the 100 most played songs on your system
- High-quality components and housing
- Studio-grade audio hardware
- The BCM 8000 Multimedia requires our Music Subscription Service ensuring you always have the latest and best
  music available for your venue

Multiroom System (4 zones)

- Supplies up to 4 zones with their own independent music feed
- Zone 1 provides the video feed to your TV displays
- Volume control for each zone
- Independent promo module and scheduler for each zone
- Convenient overview screen

Please note that an Internet connection is required for all systems.


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